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  •         Zibo HuaFu Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd.is one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of glass-lined reactors in china. From its establishment in 1992, HuaFu Chemical Machinery always focus on the innovation and development of glass-lined steel equipment instrument that used for highly corrosive processes in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries. Due to strict quality-control management and advanced production process, our glass-lined steel equipment has won a good reputation both domestically and abroad.
  •   We strongly believe that the relationship between customer and supplier does not stop with the delivery of the equipments. Our experienced sales and engineering team can provide maintenance and support through the entire life of our equipments. We emphasize quality both in our products and services, which is critical to our survival. HuaFu Chemical Machinery never stops for technology innovation, we consistantly focus wisedom of our employees and contribute their skills to innovation and continual improvement in our quality and in the values we offer. We always supply our clients of new ideas and new products and make them benefit.
  • Glass Lined Reactors 
  • Glass Lined Vessels
  • Stainless Steel Reactors and Mixing Vessels
  • Glass lined Mixing system,Drive system
  • Glass Lined Condensers, Glass Lined  tube heat exchangers
  • Centrifuges, Rotary  Vaccum Dryers, Thin Film Evaporators
  • Glass Lined Columns, Pipes and Fittings,Accessories
  •   "Glass-Lined Steel" is a material of construction that combines the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of glass. It is made by fusing a thin layer of glass to steel at high temperature, creating a strong, chemically bonded base coat, upon which subsequent layers of corrosion-resistant glass are fused.
  •   Application of glass-lining begins with careful metal surface preparation. We have automatic grinding machines to ensure the metal surface is perfectly smooth, which is very important for glass-lining process. The surface of glass-coated in successive layers: The base coat is covered by four or five additional layers of corrosion-resistant glass. Each layer is sprayed on, dried, fused in electric furnaces and cooled at controlled temperature to reduce warpage and to obtain desired physical and chemical properties.
  •   For final acceptance, under chinese national standard and quality standard of HuaFu Chemical Machinery, the glass-lining must be tested within a required thickness range and pass a 20,000 volt DC spark test, assuring highest integrity. Before shipment, HuaFu Chemical Machinery will make a repeat spark test with 5,000 or 7,000 volt as per requirement of customers.
  • The major advantages of glass-lined steel are:
  •   * Wide application due to broad range of corrosion resistance. Glass-lining of HuaFu Chemical Machinery has perfect property of corrosion-resistant against various organic and inorganice acids, weak alkaline except hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid with high concentration.
  •   * Essentially inert-selected where super-high purity is required, will not affect product flavor or color.
  •   * Excellent anti-stick property, no product adherence, easy cleanability and product changeover.
  •   * High working temperature available, over 200 degree C, better than loose plastic-lined vessels.
  •   * Much more economical than super alloys.
  •   HuaFu Chemical Machinery always persist the quality of pre-sales and after-sales service. Our sales engineer will always keep "Timely-Communication" in mind and help you to solve the problems in time. The customers are the sole reason for our existance. Through their purchase of our products and serives they provide the means which allow us to function and prosper as an organization.